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Our Story

 Bake n Bone's story ... 


Bake n Bone's story began with our passion and love for our furry friends. To us, dogs are not just pets, they are family. We only crave the best for our family, thus seeking for dog’s treats with the highest quality of ingredients.


We realize that dog’s treats are abundant in today’s market, but only a few truely care about the real consumers – our beloved dogs.  So we took matters into our own kitchen. Through continuously improving our products, our dogs weren't the only ones devouring our homemade treats, but our friends' and neighbors' also drooled over the nutritious goodies.




Bake n Bone outgrew our kitchen; we left our “real jobs” and opened this online bakery site for dogs. Ever since, we’ve been baking fresh, premium dog bakery and treats that dogs love and dog lovers feel great about. Every single piece of our treat is not only delicious to our dogs, but also healthy to them.


At Bake n Bone, we take a deep pride in our secret recipe, combining both mouth-watering flavor and high-quality diet with Norwegian Salmon Oil for our loyal friends. We select only the best quality and nutritious ingredients. Our goal is not only to give you joyful but also healthy companions.  



... We bake because we care ...

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