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Our Bake a Cube :Pork Liver treats are made from 100% Imported pork liver from German 🇩🇪 ! Our treats are slowly air-dry it to perfection for a crispy, chewy treats, which rich in nutrients and smell that dogs can't deny. There are no additives and no preservatives, just an all-natural, nutritious and tasty treat that dogs and cats love!

They’re not only packed with highly digestible protein. They’re also a rich source of protein and amino acids.

Because this is a natural product, colour and size may vary slightly.

- Only ONE ingredient
- Human Grade ingredient
- Wheat-Gluten Free
- All natural
- No chemicals or preservatives

Ingredient : Imported Pork Liver 🇩🇪 100%

* No preservatives added *

Bake a Cube : Pork Liver 70g. !! Buy 5 get 1 Free (can be assorted) !!

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  • ...The ingredient makes the difference...

    The healthier ingredient, the healthier and happier dogs

    That's why we select only the best quality, wholesome ingredient to ensure our beloved dogs’ tail are wagging and have what they deserve.

    ☑️   All Natural, No chemicals, No preservatives

    ☑️   Homemade Oven-baked

    ☑️   Human-grade ingredient

    ☑️   Only ONE ingredient, rich in protein

  • Our 100% dehydrated meat can be stored at room temperature for 1 year in a cool and dry place.

    Best before date as attached on the package.

    For best quality, please finish the treats within 14 days after opening.