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Value Pack !!

* Best Seller among mini breed dogs *
First choice for dog's afternoon tea.


Beetroot and Goat milk cookies stuffed with pork liver that your dog can't say no


Main Ingredients :

- Goat Milk

- Imported Pork Liver 🇩🇪

- Flour

- Eggs

- Honey

- Beetroot

- Beef Stock

- Norwegian Salmon Oil


* No preservatives added *

Dogaroon (Jumbo) 16Oz.

  • At Bake n Bone, we take a deep pride in our secret recipe, combining both mouth-watering flavor and high-quality diet with Norwegian Salmon Oil for our loyal friends. We select only the best quality and nutritious ingredients. Our goal is not only to give you joyful but also healthy companions.  

  • Our crispy treats can be stored at room temperature for 1 year in a cool and dry place.

    Best before date as attached on the package.

    For best quality, please finish the treats within 30 days after opening.