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❗️❗️ Promotion ❗️❗ Norwegian Salmon Oil (250ml.) -- 2 bottles for only 699 Baht !!!
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Norwegian Salmon oil is probably the most important supplement you can add to your pet’s diet, regardless of what type of diet you feed. EPA and DHA, the omega-3&6 fatty acids in salmon oil, provide widespread benefits

BENEFITS: Proven benefits from EPA and DHA include:
-Improving the coat and skin
-Reducing inflammation due to conditions such as arthritis, allergies, and inflammatory bowel disease
-Regulating the immune system, boosting those that are suppressed and calming overactive immune systems for dogs with allergies or autoimmune diseases
-Aiding in mental development of fetuses and puppies, and improving cognitive function in older dogs.
-Lowering blood pressure and triglycerides
-Providing support for dogs with kidney disease, heart disease, and cancer

Ingredient : 100% Salmon oil from Norwegian salmon
* No preservatives added *

Norwegian Salmon Oil (250ml.) !! 2 bottles for only 699 Baht !!!

  • Our 100% Norwegian Salmon oil can be stored at room temperature for 2 year in a cool and dry place and keep away from sunlight.

    Best before date as attached on the package.

    • Refrigerated: use the oil in about 8-10 months after opening.
    • Not refrigerated: use the oil in 4-6 months after openining.
  • Flax seed oil (cold pressed)

    ✔️ มีโอเมก้า3 สูงถึง54% สูงกว่าน้ำมันตัวอื่นๆ

    ✔️ เน้นบำรุงขนมากๆ


    Flax seed meal (organic)

    ✔️ อุดมไปด้วยโอเมก้า 3 และมีวิตามินตัวอื่นเช่น Zinc-ช่วยเพิ่มภูมิ และแคลเซียม-บำรุงกระดูก

    ✔️ ไขมันต่ำ

    ✔️ ไฟเบอร์สูง ช่วยระบบขับถ่าย 


    Norwegian Salmon oil 

    ✔️ อุดมไปด้วยโอเมก้า 3 EPA กับ DHA

    ✔️ ช่วยบำรุงขน

    ✔️ ลดอาการอักเสบ และบำรุงข้อต่อ

    ✔️ ดูดซึมไปใช้ได้ง่าย